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100 Species Challenge

I've figured out that doing random requests really isn't going to help me improve, especially when it comes to anatomy and technique. Since I want to be a biological illustrator when I'm done with college, I figured I should practice illustrating. This will be a log of my progress throughout the challenge. Any feedback and advice would be greatly appreciated

Also, I have no intention of doing this in order.

Update: I am, in all likelihood, going to redo the ones I have done so far. The ones I have done so far are no longer representative of the quality of my work.

1. Rodentia

2. Chiroptera

3. Platyzoa

4. Strigiformes

5. Leptocardii

6. Phoenicopteriformes
Example: flamingos

7. Characiformes
Example: characins, pencilfishes, hatchetfishes, piranhas, tetras

8. Monotremata
Example: platypus, echidnas

9. Chimaeriformes
Example: chimaeras

10. Hyperoartia
Example: lampreys

11. Afrotheria
Example: tenrecs, golden moles, elephant shrews, Aardvark, hyraxes, elephants, manatees and dugongs

12. Batoidea
Example: rays, skates

13. Galloanserae
Example: waterfowl, fowl

14. Erinaceomorpha, Soricomorpha
Example: hedgehogs, shrews, moles

15. Myxini
Example: hagfishes

16. Anura
Example: frogs, toads

17. Pterocliformes
Example: sandgrouse

18. Hexapods
Example: insect

19. Siluriformes
Example: catfishes

20. Accipitriformes
Example: eagles, hawks

21. Nandiniidae and Feloidea
Example: African palm civet, asiatic linsangs, cats

22. Paracanthopterygii
Example: toadfishes, goosefishes, cods, cusk eels, trout-perches

23. Pholidota
Example: pangolin

24. Chondrostei
Example: bichirs, reedfishes, sturgeons, paddlefishes

25. Piciformes
Example: woodpeckers

26. Thaliacea
Example: Doliolida, Pyrosomida, Salpida,

27. Perissodactyla
Example: horses, rhinos, tapirs

28. Trogoniformes
Example: trogons

29. Elopomorpha
Example: ladyfishes, tarpon, halosaurs, spiny eels, true eels, gulpers

30. Rhynchocephalia
Example: tuatara

31. Galbuliformes
Example: jacamars and puffbirds

32. Crustaceans
Example: lobsters, crabs, barnacles, crayfish, shrimp

33. Cetacea
Example: whales, dolphins, and porpoises

34. Caudata
Example: salamanders

35. Columbiformes
Example: doves, pigeons

36. Holostei
Example: gars, bowfins

37. Procellariiformes
Example: albatrosses, petrels

38. Protacanthopterygii
Example: barreleys, pikes, salmons, trouts, mudminnows

39. Ciconiiformes
Example: storks

40. Hemichordata; Echinodermata; and Xenoturbellida
Example: acorn worms, starfish, brittle stars, sea cucumbers

41. Ursoidea
Example: bears

42. Passeriformes
Example: passerines

43. Osteoglossomorpha
Example: mooneye, goldeye

44. Crocodilia
Example: crocodiles, alligators, caiman, gharials

45. Opisthocomiformes
Example: Hoatzin

46. Ascidiacea
Example: ascideans, sessile tunicates

47. Pinnipedia
Example: walrus, sea lions, eared seals, fur seals, true seals

48. Clupeomorpha
Example: herrings, anchovies

49. Gruiformes

50. Squamata
Example: lizards, snakes

51. Myriapods
Example: millipedes, centipedes

52. Lampridiomorpha
Example: crestfish, tapertail, ribbonfish

53. Xenarthra
Example: armadillos, sloths and anteaters

54. Psittaciformes
Example: parrots

55. Acanthopterygii
Example: mullets, flyingfish, rainbowfishes, killifishes, ridgeheads

56. Falconiformes
Example: falcons

57. Scandentia
Example: treeshrews

58. Palaeognathae and Tinamiformes
Example: Ostrich, emus, kiwis, tinamous

59. Sorberacea
Example: Aspiraculata

60. Gaviiformes
Example: loons

61. Cyclosquamata
Example: lancetfishes, lizardfishes

62. Marsupialia
Example: opossums, Monito del Monte, kangaroos, wallabies, possums

63. Gymnophiona
Example: caecilians

64. Pelecaniformes
Example: pelicans

65. Herpestoidea
Example: hyenas, aardwolf, mongooses

66. Lophotrochozoa
Example: peanut worms, bivalve molluscs, mollusca, ringed worms, spoon worms

67. Artiodactyla
Example: antelopes, cattle, giraffes, camels, pigs, hippos, sheep, goats

68. Testudines
Example: turtles

69. Cuculiformes
Example: cuckoo

70. Dermoptera
Example: colugos

71. Sphenisciformes
Example: penguins

72. Sarcopterygii
Example: coelacanths, lungfish

73. Viverridae:
Example: Civets

74. Stenopterygii
Example: dragonfishes, marine hatchetfishes

75. Caprimulgiformes
Example: nightjars

76. Ecdysozoa excluding Anthropoda
Example: water bear, mud dragons, penis worms, round worms, velvet worms

77. Coraciiformes
Example: kingfishers

78. Canidae
Example: dogs

79. Cypriniformes
Example: barbs, carp, danios, goldfishes, loaches, minnows, rasboras

80. Turniciformes
Example: button-quail

81. Lagomorpha
Example: rabbits, hares and pikas

82. Gymnotiformes
Example: electric eels, knifefishes

83. Primates
Example: lemurs, monkeys, apes, humans

84. Orthonectida; Rhombozoa; Acoelomorpha; and Chaetognatha
Example: Orthonectids

85. Ailuridae
Example: red panda

86. Ostariophysi
Example: milkfishes

87. Appendicularia
Example: larvaceans

88. Procyonidae
Example: raccoons

89. Apodiformes
Example: swifts

90. Polymyxiomorpha
Example: beardfishes

91. Mephitidae
Example: skunks, stink badgers

92. Myctophiformes
Example: lanternfishes

93. Coliiformes
Example: mousebirds

94. Selachimorpha
Example: sharks

95. Parazoa
Example: Sponge

96. Podicipediformes
Example: grebes

97. Mustelidae
Example: weasels, martens, badgers, wolverines, minks, ferrets, otters

98. Charadriiformes
Example: plovers

99. Radiata
Example: jellyfish

100. Chelicerates
Example: spiders, mites, scorpions


So it's almost 1 am where I am and now, tonight of all nights, I get this really hardcore craving for homemade spaghetti sauce. I mean, I could try and whip some up, but it's midnight. I need to be up in the morning, I can't be putting together a meal with a 2 hour cook time. Why can't I have these cravings at a normal hour and have the junky ones at night. 
100 Species Challenge #56: Falconiformes by Sabhira
100 Species Challenge #56: Falconiformes
It's been ages since I uploaded anything, much less a 100 Species challenge entry! Those feathers were a big pain in the ass, but I think they turned out fine.  Made with Faber-Castel Polychromos pencils on 9x12 Kona paper. C&C encouraged
Weird cat by Sabhira
Weird cat
So for the first time in who knows how long, my graphics tablet and its pen were in the same place at the same time, so I decided to take advantage before one disappeared. Didn't do anything too fancy, just a cat. Enjoy
So for the past while now, I've been in the process of stretching my lobes. For the most part, it's been an enjoyable experience, and people think it's neat that I'm stretching two piercings per ear. It doesn't even hurt all that much, and that's even with the big jump I just did. But holy shit on a stick it itches! OMG I want to just take a sandpaper-wrapped paintbrush handle and shove it through my ears so badly, but I can't do that. No, at best I can rub oil into them and only dream of violating my lobes. 

:icontealdeerplz:: It's short. Read dammit!

Bonus Complaint: Been so long since I've been in here everything seems so strange and unfamiliar, and I don't like it! :grump:

So lazy!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 12, 2014, 2:44 PM
I have more ceramics work to upload, including a finished ocarina, and my Cheshire cat jug, but I haven't felt the desire to photoshop the photos I took together. It's not like it's even gonna take that long anyways. 

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